I am a God-loving stay-at-home mom blessed with a wonderfully supportive husband and two beautiful children. I used disposable diapers on my first child, and hated them. I had to slather on tons of rash cream at every diaper change to keep her from getting a rash from the diaper itself. Nearly every poo until she started solids leaked out of her diapers, onto her clothing, my nursing pillow, or anything else she was in contact with. And they were so expensive!

Then came baby number two, three and half years later. By this time, I was intrigued by cloth diapers, and after my son’s umbilical cord fell off, started using cloth diapers on him. If I had done more research, I would have made all his diapers from the start, including newborn diapers with umbilical cord notches! I quickly fell in love with cloth diapers, and started making them for him when he was around seven months old. My son is now four and a half years old and potty trained. His bum was nearly always rash-free. Diaper laundry really wasn’t too bad. And cloth diapers are so darn cute! I am not a “tree hugger” by any means (although I did recycle corrugated cardboard and aluminum prior), but I do love not filling our landfills with soiled plastic super absorbent polymer (SAP) filled diapers. I love that cloth contains the poo. We never had a poo leak out the legs, though we did have one leak up the back in a brand-name cloth diaper (compared with every poo with my daughter’s disposables). I love how absorbent cloth diapers can be. I love that our diaper pail smelled nothing like the horrible stench that came from our Diaper Genie. Even my husband admits cloth diapers are “pretty nifty.” 🙂 And I am happy to admit, cloth diapering made me more eco-conscious in other areas of my life.

11-R2F13I love to sew, and have been doing so since I was a teenager (probably around 30 years!). I’ve sewn children’s clothes, mens shirts, dresses, blouses, curtains, slipcovers, my wedding dress, etc., so the idea of sewing diapers was not a foreign one. Unfortunately, I’d already spent a lot of money on commercially available diapers! But my son is a tummy sleeper, and I had trouble finding diapers that didn’t leak during naps and night. I am happy to report my all-in-ones (AiO) passed his nap time testing! I like AiO’s because I am lazy and don’t like having to search for a bunch of pieces to put together in my diaper laundry. And I loathe stuffing pockets!

There are a lot of very talented people out there sewing cloth diapers, so I am honored that you are visiting my store. I am excited to provide you with adorable, high quality, natural fiber cloth diapers to pamper your baby’s bum and help take care of our planet!

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