Padded Patootie All-in-One (AiO) diapers feature waterproof PUL outers and cotton velour-topped bamboo fleece inners, surrounded by a PUL boundary to help prevent leg and tummy leaks. The two-petal soakers are made of bamboo fleece, topped with squishy soft cotton velour, adding six more layers of absorbency, for a total of eight layers. Soakers are flap-style, permanently attached to the inner at the back only, allowing for more thorough cleaning and quicker drying than if they were internal or attached at both ends. A snap at the front of the inner may be used, if desired, to keep soakers from shifting. Diapers have snap closures and rise-snaps, allowing them to fit babies from approximately 8 to 35+ pounds. Your diapers come partially prepped; you should experience full absorbency after 5 to 7 more washes.

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