annie10months 020“I just got the cutest diaper in the mail today! I can’t believe the quality in the material and stitching. I love it at first site – and after trying it on to see how it fit. I LOVE it.
I really was not getting my hopes up, as I have now tried 7 WAHM diapers. They are all stiff and just don’t go on well. Yours is beautiful. I can’t wait to show the girls. I will try her sleeping in it to see how it does, and washing it, but just wanted to give you a heads up that I am over the top impressed!!! I am thrilled to find a hand made that is so nice. You should be so very proud of the quality product you are making.
Thank you so much!

“so far so good! I put her in it overnight, with only the sewn in liner, not the added second one. She woke up very wet, but dry sheets and clothes! No red marks on her legs either. ”

–Jen W.

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