It is with much sadness that I announce Padded Patootie will be going out of business. I started this little one-mom business five years ago in an attempt to help provide for my family while staying at home with my kids. I regret that instead of helping provide, I have put my family deeper into debt in an attempt to have the largest selection of fabric choices. This WAHM business that once brought me great joy has become a major source of depression. I’ve had to get an outside-the-home job, and dismal sales over the last year or so have shown me it is time to let Padded Patootie go.

Effective immediately, customs are closed. All diapers have been marked down, some significantly. In addition, I am offering my PUL fabric for sale. I’ve set up a listing where you can purchase 5 yards for $50, crammed into a padded flat rate envelope and shipping for $6.95. I’ve created a “destash” category in my in-stock fabric album. Not all fabrics are listed there yet, only ones with larger quantities.

Most importantly, please know what an honor it has been getting to be a little part of your babies’ lives.


Padded Patootie has been your source for high quality, “work at home mom”-made, CPSC-compliant all-in-one cloth diapers made of natural fibers since June 2012.

Want to see how I single-handedly make every Padded Patootie all-in-one cloth diaper? Check out The Making of a Padded Patootie AiO on YouTube (~10 minutes).